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Beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Peggy!🧡

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It's going to be difficult to get those horrific images out of my head but it's important to know what's going on.

Peggy, I hope you don't mind a LONG rant. Your last 2 videos about rabies lit a fire in me and I wanted to share so much info, but our "friends" at ScrewTube deleted many of my comments that had book titles and websites. I've been researching vaccines for years. I'm so glad you posted those videos - it's important people start critically thinking about WHAT they're doing and WHY they are doing it instead of just blindly complying. The only way this insanity will end is if more people stand up and say no.

***Another great article from Dogs Naturally that I couldn't share on Youtube is called, "the Big Scam: Rabies Vaccine". This author explains what is behind the rabies vaccine push. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-big-scam-rabies-vaccination/

***I've taken your great advice about going directly to the source of information instead of depending on second-hand info. I read through the American Animal Hospital Association vaccine guidelines. The AAHA accredits vets and in order for vets to be accredited they need to follow all of their "guidelines. I suspect we all are being bamboozled to believe that there are vaccine "laws" by the clever use of language. Just like they tricked people to believe they had to get the covid vax by throwing around the word "mandate". The guidelines never use the word "shall" or "must" - they simply say pets "should" be vaccinated "according to the law". There's a big legal difference between the words should, must or mandate. All city vaccine ordnances are simply based on these guidelines. When you try to point out to vets that there are no actual "laws" they get IRRATE!



****People may not know that since 1995 the USDA has been spreading oral rabies vaccine baits all over the country for wildlife to eat. Who in God's name really knows what's in that crap!! Maybe those toxic rabies baits can explain wasting diseases in deer, etc.


*** I don't think people fully realize how evil vaccination really is. Just like with vivisection, millions of animals have been brutally tortured and killed in the procurement and "testing" of vaccines. Not to mention that Dr Plotkin, the inventor of many vaccines, admitted under oath that he used Nazi-style methods by using orphaned and handicapped children and unsuspecting people in the 3rd world to test his poisons. It is my belief that it is those populations that are still really being used in ALL current vaccine "safety trials".

***People have been sounding the alarm for over 200 years that vaccines are a dangerous, useless, unscientific scam. The carnage of over 200 years of vaccination is unimaginable. I tried to post a quote from a book published in 1880 by R. K. Noyes called, "On the Self Curability of Disease". This author (150 years ago) brilliantly summed up the cult of vaccination:

"I believe vaccination has been the greatest universal DELUSION that has ensnared mankind within the last three centuries. It originated in FRAUD, IGNORANCE and ERROR, and lives as such willing foolery ever lives. It is absurdly UNSCIENTIFIC and IMPRACTICABLE. It has been promotive of very great EVIL". The author is probably rolling over in his grave seeing that children and pets are now pumped full of dozens of poisonous injections.

****Another important quote that I think really gets to the heart of why they push vaccines so hard is to destroy our spirit. In one of his lectures in 1917 Rudolf Steiner stated: "I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body."

That quote really hits home hard knowing babies are injected on the first day of their innocent lives.

***So, people have been desperately trying to sound the alarm for generations, but too many people gave into the fear and propaganda. A couple of other historical books out of many that clearly document the fraud are, "The Story of a Great Delusion" 1885, "The Horrors of Vaccination" 1920. Those authors outline that "pandemics" are just clever cover-ups to other manmade causes of illnesses and that vaccines are responsible for chronic diseases and also for the outbreaks of acute illnesses in cattle and poultry.

****Manufacturers of animal vaccines are not required to list ingredients in their products as they are considered "proprietary". So, no one, including vets, know what's being pumped in our pets and food supply. Most of the chronic illnesses we see in animals and humans did not exist before mass vaccination. Poor quality, contaminated pet food was one of the main reasons pets were ill before vaccinations.

***I know people mean well, but the nonsensical solution of getting a "rabies titer" will not solve this problem. The goal is for people to finally say no to ALL vaccines. The CDC admits there is no test to diagnose rabies, so how can they test an antibody response for a disease that doesn't exist? The CDC developed this "test" in 1973 to perpetuate the false notion that the rabies vaccine is "effective". They are also perpetuating the false belief that wild animals harbor dangerous pathogens, and we should all fear God's pure nature. The rabies titer is probably as fickle and "reliable" as the PCR was for CV19 cooties. NOT!! I think we should all know by now that we can't trust anything that comes from the CDC! LOL

****A few people wanted a website that had pet food recipes. Youtube wouldn't let me simply post Catinfo.org This vet specializes in cat nutrition - which most mainstream vets know nothing about. And my kitties love the food!!

Sorry for the long rant! Thanks again!

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What if genetic modification of DNA using synthetic mRNA injections was impossible?

What if it is impossible to control a human with any kind of radio wave?

What if free will is an unalterable reality?

What if physics and chemistry fail to explain reality?

What if all is a hoax meant to cruelly rob people and kill them from fear?

What if not all that confirm our pessimistic biases is actually true?

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Trump did sign the animal cruelty prevention act. Where's the defense for human beings who have been victims of transhumanism experimentation? Who have been drugged and chipped without consent? Where is standing up for human beings who have been used as lab rats for years? Cruelty to Life must be stopped and prevented. In rental properties, and many communities, the property owners have been collecting DNA from tenants with pets and has been a requirement for renting the property and also for lease renewal. And they have the sheriff department also involved for enforcement of this DNA collection efforts for pets

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True or False? When Dept. of Defense unleashes a bioweapon upon U.S. Citizens resulting in less or more than one million deaths and injuries of old / young men women children infants, as part of an ongoing plan to do just that, those within D.O.D. and their accomplices outside of D.O.D. are criminals AND have committed Treason? IF TRUE, THEN Each and every United States Federal Judge, Each and every United States Federal Lawmaker and Each and every member of the Executive branch of government who fails to recognize this Truth Maxim of our Democracy, not merely by words, but by deeds, such as for illustration and and limited to diligent investigation and if found true, publishing the names of all persons of interest who appear to be involved, and initiating and fully supporting appropriate probes and criminal trials, AND FAILURE TO ACT IS THIS MANNER WITH FULL FOLLOW THROUGH INCLUDING CRIMINAL TRIALS AND APPROPRIATE SENTENCING - IN FACT is suspect of supporting such egregious activities for which they, themselves, should be added to the list of complicit persons failing in their PERFORMANCE OF DUTY to the American people as well as to their families and to their respective churches, and should be shunned and likewise investigated. The alleged Proof of the aforementioned proposition is here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/military-covid-vaccines-rfk-jr-podcast/?utm_id=20230402 and, as to violation of Federal Law prohibiting such acts, the author (merely one of the Federal and State Laws violated) of Federal Law Regulating the Invention and Deployment of Bioweapons is here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Mxke9pPqJ2E/

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Many thanks Peggy for re-posting this important message from Britt Lind. Vivisection is the essence of "science." We humans will never be worthy of freedom and health ourselves as long as we destroy the freedom and health of animals, who are also created by the same divine love as we are. The more we question our culture's narratives that promote slavery & violence, the better!

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