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Great insights, as always, Peggy! Many years before "the CovAin't" as I call it, I learned about the real scientific experiments done during the [not] Spanish [not] Flu of 1918-19. Doctors tried every way possible to get "viruses" from people who were sick with this "flu" to infect others, everything from having them breathe on each other to putting a "sick" person's mucus into the healthy people's mouths and eyes, and even injecting the mucus directly into their bodies. None of those experiments made healthy people sick!

I say this because it opened my eyes to the biggest lie! The wayward wizards have persuaded most of us over 10-12 decades that we are dirty and make each other sick!

If we can take down "germ" theory, their entire house of cards will fall, as it should and eventually will. I have been saying this since seeing the faked "deaths" in China in November/December 2019. People don't fall forward when they go unconscious, they sort of crumple, and they certainly don't extend their forearms to brace their fall!

Anyway, thank you again.💖🤗

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> But the fact is that covid (SARS CoV2) has never been isolated and identified.

OMG!!! Peggy!!! I am SO HAPPY to hear you say this, and to link to Alec Zeck's great article!!

I've always wondered where you were on this issue, because I have never heard you confront this directly. (I understand the limitations of the YouGooTubeBorg).

I was a little doubtful by your focus on exemption schemes-- which helps a few, rather than calling out the Core Fraud -- which helps everyone... But I intentionally have left you off the "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots" list. Because I couldn't really pin you down. http://apocalypticyoga.wikidot.com/virus-pushers-against-clotshots

I've always loved your energy, your tenacity, your understanding of the law, and your fighting spirit!

So this is GREAT NEWS! I will spread the word, and I will add you RIGHT AWAY to "the good list"!


Thank you for boldly coming forward!!!!


and a🌹in honor of my mentor, "Nurse Rose" (Rest in Peace, Dear Debbie)

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Welcome to the no-virus fold. If nothing else comes out of this debacle, at least we have started to look more closely at the fraud that is virology. You really can't blame virologists too much for resisting the efforts to expose the fraud, as it threatens everything they "believe" and their livelihoods and reputations. People of character, willing to engage in healthy self-examination, are rare. Money is a ginormous incentive to ignore reality.

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I’m afraid all the US laws in the world will not be able to stop this when Granny Gates and the CCP take charge! https://www.youtube.com/live/u2sfTS7SAWE

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