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Evidence is the key!! My professor in lawschool, who was a Toshiba atty, proved it to the class by successfully objecting to almost every argument we tried to make to him in an impromptu mock trial. We then studied what he showed us and why each pc of evidence could not be introduce. He even objected to many of our responses before we even got to the pc of evidence. He had us and we all knew it. Right then i realized that an Evidence genius could win anything!

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Your sharing and plethora of information is commendable. Thank YOU for all you do for Americans, and for humanity! Regardless of what we learn, the court system is corrupt.

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I bought Dr Graves course 15 years ago. I bickered with him through email a few times because I think there are deficiencies in his course. Though it's a good start and you have to know how to object in court.

Learning how to object in court is very empowering. One the judge doesn't expect a regular person to say I object. Two The judge is so used to somebody rolling over and paying the fine, it's an unexpected chess move and now he's being challenged and they don't like being challenged. It throws them off balance I call it legal jiu-jitsu. I challenge everything now and cut off the ring. I can improve Frederick's course just through my experience. He's only sold 50,000 courses over the last 20-30 years? I told him you got to do better than that dude.

My problem is dealing with corrupt judges and lawyers who charge $300 an hour and want you to pay excessive filing fees to file a motion. Dr Graves seems to agree with this process and Surrogate Court that I fill out paperwork telling them I'm a pauper. That wasn't going to happen I object what material items I have is irrelevant to this case. I didn't bring the case. Surrogate Court is like the court of non courts it's just a lawyer scam to steal your estate money is the simple way I can put it.

To make a long story short I drafted criminal charges against my brother who made himself executor and against the judge whose entertaining my brother's derelict behavior for two and a half years now and I've lost a lot of personal belongings. It's really complicated and messed up and all these lawyers are a bunch of crooks. I tell everybody the bar association is an organized crime syndicate. I've guest hosted radio shows on Republic broadcasting. I believe I have the shows listed in this blog.

Frederick's course does not tell you how to handle corruption because they are protect each other. One lawyer from the bar association doesn't really go against the other lawyer from the bar association. They cooperate with each other. Because they have contempt for their clients. What Graves won't tell you is that when you hire a lawyer you are considered mentally incompetent. A ward of the Court.

It doesn't matter which political party you have in this country it's the bar association that controls all the legislation in this country and I'm sure they steer it towards their interests.

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